EURONET 50/50 MAX celebration in Dąbrowa Górnicza

More than 200 students and almost 30 teachers participated in EURONET 50/50 MAX celebration in Dąbrowa Górnicza on 29th of May 2015. The event took place in the city park and was joint with Days of Dąbrowa Górnicza City.

The event was officially opened by Deputy Mayor Henryk Zaguła and Marek Mrówka from Municipality of Dąbrowa Górnicza who emphasized the role of energy teams from 28 schools from Dąbrowa Górnicza which have saved almost 500 000 PLN.

PNEC has prepared many attractions for students in the form of energy contest. Energy teams members had 7 task to complete while visiting 7 stands. They were equipped with task cards filled with tasks description, questions that students were supposed to answer and energy crosswords. After providing the solutions and answers at every stand each energy team received colorful card with a letter and at the end they could build up the project name: “Euronet”.

E - Dry ice experiments

Students could observe and participate in dry ice experiments, such as creating frosty cloud, flying bubbles, foam ice and colorful flames.

U - Magic tricks demonstration

At this stand students could observe how illusionists prepare their magic tricks using chemistry and physics. Inflating a balloon without mouth or reading magic scripts are only two among many attractions.

R - Energy crosswords and energetic slogans

Firstly, students were supposed to solve 4 crosswords and secondly they were writing poems or slogans using 4 main passwords: climate, school, energy, water. The most interesting slogans were prepared by energy teams from 3 schools: Primary School No 31, Primary School No 11 and Primary School No 5 and promoted via website and Facebook.


O - Selection of the best poster on energy efficiency

Students brought with themselves more than 50 posters promoting energy efficiency. They were presented at display stands, hanged on a string and finally even placed on the lawn! Energy teams were democratically choosing the best posters and they could not vote for posters from their own school. Of course the winners were awarded with special prizes.

N - Cartoons promoting energy efficiency and tricky questions

At this stage energy teams were watching 7 20-second videos promoting energy efficiency and afterwards they were answering 3 questions referring to the films’ details. Students had to be very focused to remember the name of city bikes, color of the doctor’s scarf and the number of coffee cups on the table.

E - RES workshops in the VIESSMANN tent

In this place students got more knowledge about RES, mainly in Poland. Workshops were organized by Piotr Wroński from AGROCOM company, which is operating a VIESSMANN shop for individual customers.

T - Energetic photo

After collecting all of the colorful letters students were posing to an energetic photo. The energy teams had a lot of fun and their photos were full of positive energy and power!

As the whole attractions were accomplished, all of the questions were answered and filled task cards were returned to PNEC representatives, students had a chance to participate in the lottery where - as in our project – everybody wins. Students were the most happy and satisfied for the reflective armbands with EURONET 50/50 MAX logo.

The EURONET 50/50 MAX celebration in Dąbrowa Górnicza was a wonderful opportunity for the energy teams to meet, present their posters in the gallery, take part in healthy competition learning and having good fun at the same time. It was a reward for hard work of energy teams and their engagement in the project implementation.

These young people showed not only knowledge and artistic talent, but also positive energy, creativity and capacity to work together.